I am sure you have seen numerous pictures of cute and not so cute polar bears. Many people take pictures of them because they are nearly extinct animals. However, it seems the polar bears are getting tired of so much attention.

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A diver finds a giant anaconda on the bottom of the Amazon river. I could not imagine the snake can be so massive in size.

Picture of a giant anaconda in Amazon

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New York artist Aram Bartoll decided to create the world’s first offline file-sharing network. He runs this project by embedding USB memory sticks into walls and curbs around New York City. Anyone can upload and download data into their laptops from any USB hub they find.

The project received a name “Dead Drops”. As of today, there are 5 hidden sticks in NYC, but it looks like there is going to be a lot more judging by the inspirational comments on the artist’s blog.
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Have you ever wondered when people break up? You now have the answer. King of infographics, David McCandless and his team scanned over 10 000 status updates on Facebook.

Interestingly, people break up most before Christmas and during spring. There is also a dorky peak on the April’s fool day. As for the day of the week, people like breaking up on Mondays.

People break up least on Christmas. Who wants to be alone on Christmas, right? Other than that, for some reason, people break up least in August and September.

You should watch the whole presentation on YouTube, which includes other great examples of data visualizations.

Thanks for the tip, framptonstreet.tumblr.com

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London, beginning of the 19th century. Industrial revolution, massive population growth. First flushing toilets appear. City council is no longer capable of maintaining the numerous cesspools in the city and takes the decision to stop maintaining them.

In 1815, human waste from more than 200,000 cesspools is washed away into the river Thames, the source of drinking water. Consequently, London starts dying of cholera. Later, in 1858, during a very hot summer, all London stinks. Big time. This time is known as The Great Stink.

Whoever could, left the capital. Life for the rest was tought. People died on the streets, hospitals were over capacity.

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The morning of September 14, 2010. Somewhere in Russia.

Larger image

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What is on this picture?

November 1, 2010

This is how the river Nile looks at night. As you can see on the image, people in North Africa are largely concentrated alongside the banks of the river. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Sadly, both kittens you are abut to see have just died due to breathing failure. They died a few months after they were born, at the end of October 2010. RIP, Charlie and Spike.

The two kittens had a rare decease called myotonia congenita, also known as ‘fainting goat’ syndrome, more common for goats. The decease had never been found in cats before. At the slightest sound or movement, the kittens responded by collapsing into a rigid paralysis which typically lasted for one minute until they returned to normal.

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Female egg (ovum) ad the Sun apparently look alike. Here is a picture of the Sun taken in the wavelength of hydrogen alpha light:

See what’s similar

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Have you ever asked yourself how many planes are flying above you at any given time? The answer is – you can actually count them. Apparently, there is a map which shows real-time position of planes around the globe. To my surprise, I have counted over 200 planes flying over Britain right now, mostly over London area.

24 hr air traffic video

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