Now you don’t have to carry your bag. It will carry you. A great gadget for frequent flyers.

micro luggae scooter

scooter bag

This scooter-bag is made by Samsonite.

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Something you do not see every day.

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And there is a 50% chance that there is a pair of people sharing the same birth date in a group of 23 people. Below is an explanation of why this is the case.

birthday paradox

Read more awesome statictical riddles in this article on

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Six colours of the sky

February 4, 2013


seven colors of the sky
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eruption of the underwater volcano

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Guest post.

If you’re studying English, it’s hugely important to nail the written side of the language, as much as the spoken side. English can be a notoriously tricky beast to master, with a variety of grammatical quirks and rules, and it can sometimes seem like a mountain to climb. Here are some tips which may help you along the way.

media pressure

Read, read, read

It may seem obvious, but the more you absorb written English on a regular basis the quicker you’ll pick up the fluency of the language. Consider subscribing to an English-language newspaper or magazine; bookmark some English-language websites and make them a part of your morning routine; start reading an English book  from a library. You’ll surprise yourself by how quickly you’ll pick things up subconsciously.
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Look at these icons. What do you feel?

icons that make you feel bad

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This is a guest post

Intercultural studies have essentially been around since man walked the foundations of the earth. It has been a part of survival, as well as development and growth, and even just curiosity to learn about other cultures or people. The 19th century saw anthropologists like Morgan and Taylor, and in more recent years George Murdock. But as schools continue to train individuals to work in the field of intercultural studies, they too need to be aware of their surrounding culture and how education and training is changing to reach people.

Intercultural Studies at Biola University and Cornerstone

Biola is a reputable university in La Mirada, California that offers a Biblically centered education. Cornerstone does the same, and both of these schools offer Christian ministry degrees. They also have popular programs for intercultural studies at their Cook School specially dedicated to intercultural studies. The goal of their program is to prepare students to live, communicate, and “work effectively in culturally diverse contexts”. The program consists of certifications, various Maters and Ph.D. level degrees. Unfortunately though, it appears the only online course they offer is a M.A. in TESOL.
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Most modern scientists agree that birds have not evolved from dinosaurs, they are dinosaurs. This is one of them, a common house sparrow.

Let me rephrase this for you – a common house sparrow is a dinosaur.

a common house sparrow is a dinosaur

Birds are thus considered by most modern scientists to be dinosaurs and dinosaurs are, therefore, not extinct. Birds are classified by most paleontologists as belonging to the subgroup Maniraptora, which are coelurosaurs, which are theropods, which are saurischians, which are dinosaurs.


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Drinking norms in Britain: you are at low risk from drinking if you drink 2 pints of beer (1.1 L) every day, as long as your weekends are alcohol-free. Found this brochure in a local hospital and could not believe my eyes.

drinking norms in britain

Full scan.

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