I am a guy working in digital media industry in London. I run this blog as a hobby. Another blog I own is, it is currently managed by an independent editor.

Today I Learned Something New is a blog about things which fall outside common knowledge on topics including lifestyle, technology, nature, education and social media among others. I support most of my posts with images and/or videos to illustrate the point. All content is hand-picked. Learn something new every day and make your brain bigger!

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A fabulous collection of online oddities and curious infobites that will amuse, astound and definitely creep into your pub trivia memory bank.

I am a nerd, admittedly, but not the kind of nerd that writes a lot of fan mail. (but then) I came across your site via Neatorama, and seriously, my girlfriend and I both lost several hours sucked into it. Just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job, you gained two new fans today! I spend a LOT of time reading online, and your site is one of the best I’ve come across again. Thanks for your work!

Becky Jenkins by e-mail

I have been featured on! I’m famous now.

Daniel Sedlacek via Google+

I love Today I Learned Something New!! It’s a positive, interesting news source instead of doom and gloom.

Sara Nelson by e-mail

Hey, I love your blog, and I love your tweet updates.

Justin Morrisroe by e-mail