DARPA (research agency of the US Department of Defence) has developed adhesive pads that allow humans to climb vertical glass walls like geckos. In this demonstration, a man has climbed a 7 meter-high vertical glass wall using adhesive gecko-inspired pads with no other equipment. The climber wore a safety belt, although this wasn’t required.

human gecko pads demonstration
Image from darpa.mil

The gecko-like pads are made of adhesive material that the company developed and successfully tested earlier in 2012. In this demonstration below, a small patch of adhesive material attached to glass is holding 300 kg of weight.
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Who would have thought this is how paperclips are made!? In principle, it looks rather simple, however I have been watching the wheel running for a few minutes and I still don’t get how the tip on the paperclip gets its triangular shape.

Video animation that shows how paperclips are made

I have always thought that living next to a nuclear plant is the last thing you want to do. However, according to Forbes, living next to a nuclear plant is not a big deal.

nuclear plant

So the whole premise is false. The average dose received by the public from nuclear power is less than 0.0002 mSv/yr, which is about 10,000 times smaller than the total yearly dose received by the public from other background radiation (WNO). Any health effects from the more abundant and diverse background radiation would completely swamp anything from reactors. But even these levels produce no observable effects.

Eating a bag of potato chips a day gives you 100 times this level, but no one cares since the fat and salt will kill you a lot faster than any radiation.

Image via Wikipedia

People lose weight during sleep through respiration (breathing) and perspiration (sweating). It’s estimated that during sleep, we lose 1.9 grams of weight per minute, which amounts to nearly 1 kilogram of weight per 8 hours of sleep. Most of the weight we lose during sleep is water weight that escapes our system.

Each time we exhale we lose a little bit of water. It’s easy to check – breath on a cool piece of glass and you will see some moisture.

People lose 1 kg of weight overnight