Can they get any bigger?

July 5, 2013

This is a story about how I emailed into a bakery chain in London to request that they make their croissants bigger.

A few days ago emailed some feedback into the management team of PAUL, a French bakery chain in London where I buy my breakfast. I emailed because I wasn’t happy about the appearance (and particularly the size) of their croissants. I simply suggested that they should make them bigger. Here is the email I wrote and the picture I attached to the email.

Subject: Can they get any bigger?

I am a regular at Paul, the Strand Branch, where I buy – like many others – a cup of tea and a piece of pastry every morning. I like the quality, however, the appearance (size) of your croissants could be better. More people would buy them if they were bigger. Thanks

croissants can get bigger if you really really want to
Click to enlarge.

I wasn’t hoping for any response at all, I just wanted to get this out of the way, but what I received blew me away. When I read this email I thought to myself that this is how every company should reward constructive feedback about their products:

customer service at PAUL

Looking forward to those bigger croissants, PAUL!

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