People in China live 30 years longer today than just 50 years ago

June 16, 2013 · 1 comment

Amazingly, in just about 50 years, life expectancy in China has jumped from 43 years (in 1960) to 73 years today.

Adding 30 years to a person’s life is a giant achievement (see the orange line on the chart). During the same period, life expectancy in the UK, for instance, has increased by 10 years and newborns today are expected to live 80 years.

life expectancy in the uk and china

Check your life expectancy through Google. Search for life expectancy in your country and put the pointer at the age you were born. You will probably discover that kids born today will live about 5 years longer than you. Here is a list of countries sorted by length of life expectancy at birth.

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