Fotor turns your raw photos into artsy pictures on any device and lets you share into multiple social channels simultaneously

June 5, 2013

Fotor is an online service (and also a highly-rated app on iOS, Android and Windows) that lets you turn any boring photo into an artsy picture through various tap-and-go filters and photo effects. If you ever used Instagram, you would know some of the filters you’d be able to use with Fotor already.

However, there are a lot more editing tools in Fotor than just color filters. Among other cool photo effects, for example, is the Tilt-Shift filter that lets you throw a selective focus on any part of the photo and simulate a miniature scene, if you will. I have used this photo effect on a swan who lives by my country house. You can see him below.

Click on the photo to enlarge
photo edited by fotor

And this was the original.


Photos can be shared into your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Email.

You should try Fotor online or on your mobile.

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