It’s illegal to carry a plank along a pavement in London

April 20, 2013

Apparently, it’s illegal to carry a plank alongside a pavement in London. It’s illegal according to Metropolitan Police Act 1839 para. 54. If you get caught, technically have to pay a fine of up to £500! So if you are Londoner, don’t even think about it!

illegal to carry a plank along a pavement

Other silly laws include:

1. Carrying a plank along a pavement.

2. Singing profane songs in the street.

3. Sliding on ice or snow.

4. Being drunk in a pub.

5. Defacing money.

6. Flying a kite in a public place.

7. Firing a cannon within 300 yards of a house.

8. Playing knock-down-ginger (also known as ding-dong ditch)

9. Shake a doormat in the street after 8 a.m.

10. Handling salmon in suspicious circumstances.

Watch two guys making fun of it and breaking each of these laws in London:

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