How music alters our perception of reality in four different ways

April 2, 2013

Guest post

Your brain is a marvel of nature. It is the most complex, powerful machine on the planet and it’s made from organic tissue and membrane. Your mind can go from happy to sad to angry in just seconds and there is so much yet to be discovered about the human brain. Research is being done into the brain and the things that affect it and new strides of progress are being made yearly.

One direction that has been embarked upon in the last decade is the relationship of music to cognition and learning. Music is one of the most powerful languages that exist today, and the way the melody, harmony, and lyrics of every song affects your brain is nothing less than marvelous.

music alters reality

Listening to music can have a number of effects on your mind, such as:

Altering perception of time

If you’ve ever listened to your favorite album and looked up at the clock, you’ll be amazed at how fast time can fly. On the other hand, listening to the screeching sounds of your least favorite artist will make time slow, and the agony of the music will make minutes seem like hours.

Boosting strength

They say that music can give you wings, and the truth is that it can make you feel much stronger. Lifting weights with music on can help you to do more, and it does so by distracting your mind, pulling your muscles and body into sync, and calming you down.

Tapping into emotions

Everyone has happy and sad sense memories, and music can tap into those emotions. Remember when you listened to that happy song as you danced with your wife for the first time? Remember that song that was played at your father’s funeral? Every time you hear those songs, the sense memory of that music will alter your emotions accordingly.

Improves communication

Guys that would never have to courage to walk up and talk to a girl in private can sing a love song for her in front of thousands. Why is that? It’s because music helps you to detect emotional changes in others.

Music is amazingly powerful, and it can even alter what and how much you eat and drink! It’s a truly wonderful force and it’s one that you can have on your side!

If you want to be able to communicate better, help people or yourself tap into your emotion and feel better, why not learn to play music? Your community should have plenty of private teachers, or you can go online and check out TakeLessons tutors.

The drums will give you a sense of power, while the bass guitar will help you to learn to work with others. A violin or cello will be an emotional instrument, and playing will enable you to tap into your inner feelings.

The truth is that learning an instrument will help you to play music from your heart, which will allow you to tap into your emotions and those of others. You’ll find that new opportunities will open up before you as you learn an instrument, and you’ll see life in a new way.

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