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To demonstrate the speed of 4GEE network, EE launched a remake of the famous deer chasing video, using a bit of imagination and technology to give it an OM4G! effect.

“As there is arguably no YouTube video more epic than ‘Fenton’, we wanted to make it even more epic by creating our own remastered version – so it can be enjoyed on the go on superfast 4G, in all its epic glory.” – Spencer McHugh, EE’s director of brand.

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Here is an amazing compilation of hilarious situations that car drivers experience in Russia.

Guest post.

Children pick up their native language as they go along, by watching those around them interact, listening to them talk, working out meaning, starting to mimic sounds, and finally learning to speak. This process is a natural one that makes the best of a child’s creative energy and their capacity to learn. It is also a process that can be harnessed to help a child learn a second language, such as German.

One of the complaints that adult learners make about German is the unfamiliar construction of words and sentences and the harshness of the sounds. These are perceptions which can make learning a language much harder for adults but can easily be bypassed when teaching children, allowing them to learn unhindered.

Before you pack the family’s bags and set off to learn German in Berlin, here are some creative techniques to practise at home to help make it easier for children to learn German. They can also be used by adult learners who are willing to indulge their inner child, and have some fun while they learn.
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This is the map of nuclear power plant distribution across the world. Feeling safe?

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Nothing ground-breaking, but interesting to know.

This is how hay bales are packed in protective rain cover

If you don’t have a baby yet, these are the odds of your future baby having your / your partner’s eyes:

As an alternative to traditional burial methods, South Koreans are taking relatives’ ashes and transforming them into shiny blue-green, pink or black beads.

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Pandas in snow

November 3, 2012

This is how you take advantage of what is called the biggest hurricane in recorded American weather history. Guy rides the winds created by the hurricane.

Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

I just came across c cool startup that makes wooden keyboards. They keyboard is similar to Apple’s and connects to your computer wirelessly via bluetooth. It’s made of high quality walnut wood and is powered by AAA batteries which run a few months per charge.

Looks pretty sleek to me, probably the best marriage of wood and technology that I have seen.

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