You would not believe, but tourists throw 700,000 EUR worth of coins per year in this fountain in Rome

July 30, 2012 · 2 comments

Today I learned that Trevi is probably the richest fountain in the world. It appears that this fountain earns on average 700K EUR per year from coin throwers.

This year, however, the “financial performance” of the fountain has exceeded all expectations. During the first six months, the fountain has already added 540,000 EUR into the city’s budget.

The coins are collected by special workers under the supervision of police. Locals and visitors are strictly prohibited to pick up the coins.

I must admit, I threw some coins into this fountain as well when I was in Rome this year. So, technically, I am a shareholder.

I will never look at fountains again in the same way. From now on, I will always wonder how much money they make.

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