Top 5 online learning resources for med students

June 26, 2012 · 1 comment

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These days, medical school students have access to a variety of online educational tools that can help them succeed in their academic studies. The best resources are typically available from leading research colleges and universities. By using one of the following top online learning resources, medical school students will build an extensive knowledge base of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and even medical billing in the field of medicine:

1. University of Michigan Visible Human Project 

One of the greatest tools that medical school students can make use of is the University of Michigan Visible Human Project. This project allows users to browse through models of human flesh, organs and parts of the body. The different displays offer users the opportunity to view 2D and 3D versions of the human body. The project is currently being lead by Dr. Brian Athey. The project offers the public free access to the information available from this website. In the future, the project will also offer in-depth views of specific cells in the human body.

2. Temple University – Neuroanatomy Lab Resource 

For those medical school students who are taking neuroanatomy classes, the Neuroanatomy Lab Resource available from Temple University is helpful. The Neuroanatomy Lab Resource provides medical school students with the opportunity to take quizzes and test their knowledge of neuroanatomy. The website also offers access to the latest research being conducted in the field by scholars.

3. University of Michigan – Medical Gross Anatomy 

The Medical Gross Anatomy site for the University of Michigan provides medical school students with access to scans of cadavers. Practice exams are also available on the website to help students prepare for classes. Free lectures are also available on the website for med school students.

4. Indiana University – Biochemistry Page 

The biochemistry page offers users with access to resources on chemical logic. Med school students can learn about lipid structure, protein structure and the effect of nutrients in the body. Med school students will be able to learn about the impact of carbohydrates on the cellular structure of the body.

5. eMedicine 

For med school students who want to learn more about internal diagnoses for illnesses, this is one of the leading websites to check out. This website provides information on prescriptions that are effective for treating common illnesses.

There are more tools than ever available to students interested in the medical field. By using these 5 online learning resources, medical school students will be able succeed in their studies and professional lives.

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