Norwegian prison Bastoy is probably the best prison on Earth

June 2, 2012

Bastoy island is one of those places you’d see on a postcard and want to travel to. However, this is not exactly a travel destination. Not for you or me, anyway.

The entire island is a prison and it’s home to 115 people. Among them are rapists, killers and other criminals. But unlike other prisons, Bastoy prison does not break people. On the opposite, it makes them better.

The main responsibility of prisoners is labour. They must work from 8.30 to 15.30. Each prisoner earns $10 per day and can spend the money in a local grocery shop.

No prisoner can leave the island during their terms. Having served the term to the full, the prisoners leave the island. After that, statistically only 16% of these people would commit another crime. 84% of prisoners come out as better people and never commit crimes again.

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