There is a company that connects people through their DNA

May 31, 2012

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Dig this. There is a start-up that connects people through their DNA.

Unlike other social networks, ConnectMyDNA™ does not aim to connect people over their interests, timelines and pictures. It takes social bonds one step further.

The company links people together based on results of their DNA analysis. Any person in the world can submit their DNA sample to ConnectMyDNA's lab for a small fee. In return, the company will issue your individual and unique Gene Ring (video below) and tell you how you can read it. Unlike ancestry tests, your DNA test won't "find" your relatives, but will instead produce some pretty exciting stuff.

You will learn which country you most closely relate to. You may discover that you are closest to people in a country you never imagined existed (think Lichtenstein). In their own words, Gene Ring is:

…a scientifically accurate tool that allows you to visually compare your DNA profile to friends, families and population groups around the world.

What you wil get is your top 10 country connections, a downloadable e-Poster that includes a map, personalized with your name, and your Gene Ring with your personal genetic markers.

Compared to this, the social stuff you have been doing until today is archaic. Are you up for it? Use this discount code to get this done for $29.99: IZEA290512

For your piece of mind, your DNA will be analysed by professional scientists who follow strict screening protocols to ensure the privacy and security of your DNA samples and other personal information. There is no sensitive information provided by the ring. When you receive your product, you will see a serial number – don't panic, it's there to track your order, not your name.

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