6 lazy ways to save energy

May 7, 2012

This is a guest post

We have discovered six ways to help save energy around the home that are almost totally hassle free. Enjoy.

We’ve only got one Earth; best not drop it then.

Saving energy is brilliant for two main reasons. First, it will save you money on your household bills, second, it will help with saving the planet.

We would advise keeping better tabs on your money. Field based piggy banks are notoriously unsecure.

At the same time as wanting to save the earth,everyone has a life to lead. It would be easy for everyone to up sticks and live in the woods, using body hair as fuel and eating acorns for sustenance, but it’s not exactly feasible.

6. Turn Stuff Off

Having a terrible taste in music makes this tip even easier.

It’s so simple, even a child could do it.You’re better off leaving it to the adults though; children and electrical sockets are a bad mix. Turning off your appliances as you finish using them is just common sense, but you’d be amazed how often we don’t do it.

Imagine that light is the chilling glow of your money burning away.

Once you’ve turned your stuff off, make sure it is turned off. Standby lights and device chargers can be using electricity even if they are not in use. The only way to be sure that it’s off is to turn it off at the wall. On average you could save yourself £40 a year by doing this one simple task.


5. Put on a Jumper

Saving energy never looked so itchy.

I’m about to blow your mind. Go turn your thermostat down three degrees and put on a jumper.

Boom. We just saved you between £50 and £100 on your heating bill (depending on how long you’ve had your heating on for in the first place);we bet you won’t even notice the difference.

Toxic Waste Green is so in this season.

Having a little tinker with your thermostat might be one of the fastest and easiest ways to shave pounds off your energy supplier bill.

Do you really need the heating on at night and in the middle of the day?


4. Become Washer Wise

Clothing that has been worn once will come out just as clean on a colder wash.

Are you a rally cross motorbike rider? Do you go bog diving at the weekends? Does your entire family work in a slurry factory? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then do you really need to wash your clothes in 70-degree water?

Do not clean your camera in your washing machine.

There are loads of ways to save energy and money when washing clothes. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation concerning the most economical filling level and try to stick to it.

Under-filling a washing machine not only wastes water and power, but could also damage the machines bearings and seals.


3. Buy a Thermal Cooker

A good thermal cooker will set you back over £150, but think of it as a tasty investment.

Due to the current global tightening of purse strings, people are cooking at home more and more these days. Great news for taste buds, but not so great for our electric and gas bills. Never fear, however, as technology has once again come to our aid in the form of thermal cooking.

If you can’t afford a thermal cooker, an old Thermos flask will do for smaller dishes like soups or stews.

The basic principal of thermal cooking is that once food reaches a certain temperature, it will continue to cook due to the residual heat within the food and container. All a thermal cooker does is keep the heat in and cut you years cooking bill down by 90%, a £45 saving for the average house hold.

Simple, stylish and, more importantly, delicious.


2. Turn the Tap On

It is estimated that one quarter of bottled water is just filtered tap water.

Don’t kid yourself here. You’re not going to save any money on your water bills, but buying bottled water is a huge waste of money and an unnecessary strain on our environment. It is estimated that 70-80 percent of water bottles end up in landfill and the cost of bottled water (£2/Litre) is 2000 times more than that which comes out of a tap (£0.001/Litre).

The U.S. consumes around 20,000,000,000 bottles of water a year.

It is illogical when faced with the truth about bottled water to purchase it, yet we continue to do so.

If we had taps that ran with cola, would we still buy it in the shops?



1. Turn Those Lights On

Well, someone has had a good idea.

Ah light, where would we be without your warm glow? Unfortunately, the sun has deemed it inappropriate to bestow its glorious free light upon us during the night, so man made the light bulb. Now, man is conscious that regular teardrop bulbs are consuming an alarming amount of electricity, so he has designed the super-clever CFL bulb to combat the dark. Clever man.

Always remember to dispose of CFL bulbs properly, as they contain trace amounts of mercury.

CFL (compact florescent light) bulbs are slightly more expensive than their teardrop counterparts; however, they do last at least four times longer than the aging design and produce up to 75% less heat, which saves you money in the long-run.


So, there you have it, six great ways to save yourself some pounds around the home without impacting hugely on your precious sitting-down time. If you turn the TV down, you’ll almost be able to hear those pennies jingling into your piggy bank.

The National Grid just died a little inside.

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