Sponsored video: Chavs aren’t welcome at Cheltenham Festival

March 3, 2012

Ireland’s biggest bookmaker, Paddy Power, recently crafted a commercial that was banned on TV after its fourth day on air, but quickly gained half a million views on Youtube (watch the video below). In this video, Paddy Power shows how they will treat chavs who will be attending Cheltenham Festival, one of Britain’s most famous horse racing events.

Although somewhat controversial, this commercial maybe considered by many as a rightful response to last year’s fight at Royal Ascot caused by two drunk men who had a dispute over a girl. This incident was regarded as extremely inappropriate at the event of such caliber. The Royal Ascot is a pride of Britain and it’s visited by the Royal family members and internationally famous people.

Let’s hope tranquillisers will make Cheltenham Festival a better experience for racegoers.

Sponsored by Paddy Power

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