Difference between how dogs and developers see colors

February 27, 2012 · 1 comment

One must admit that developers are doing even better than women when it comes to color interpretation.

Difference between how dogs and developers see colors

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Selkis February 28, 2012 at 9:29 am

Just saying that dogs are only colour-blind for blue, in most of the cases. Not for ALL the colours like many people think.
Why do you think dog-toys still have all those fancy colours on them?

Side note: All mammals are colour-blind for 1 specific colour. Except humans. Because we needed all the colours in nature to survive, for example: Green apples and salads, red meat and carrots, yellow bananas, corn and potatoes, blue berries and waffles, and so on.

As dogs mostly don’t eat any vegetables, or any other mammal, they don’t need an extended colour-vision like we do, but still need have an excellent good sight for hunting.

Leaving me to a final note; because their visual system cancels 1 colour out, an other visual system, sharpness, is double as accurate as ours. It’s like they see in HD every time. They can point out a moving object at a distance from 900 meters.

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