Video from new Samsung’s project. 200 paper planes were launched into space with SD memory cards attached to them for random people to find and use the cards. Nice marketing technique.

Meat labels in Japan change color when the expiry date is approaching. The color change is triggered by increasing level of ammonium in the package. When the level is high, the bar code becomes unreadable making it impossible to sell the meat. As always, Japan is way ahead of the world in deployment of innovative technology in our daily lives.

Japan meat labels change color based on expiry date

I just discovered that Linkedin is now world’s top 20 site by the number of visitors. A year ago, it was considerably less popular and it seemed to me quite natural that a business-focused service has limited audience. Back then I thought the site would never make it to the top. Well, today I learned it did. I am not sure what the growth is driven by, but I am quite sure most of employers and headhunters check potential job candidates on Linkedin (Facebook). That said, having a profile there is a must.

Remember the famous bear hunter shoots a bear video? Samsung has done a similar video to promote their new Android-based portable media player. In this video, thieves break into a supermarket. Five shoppes have a chance to save it from robbery. Will anyone do that? That’s for you to find out.

5.4M people died as a result of Congo war in 1998 – 2003, making it the deadliest conflict since WW2.

I found a great service which builds and plays music playlists for you based on your chosen emotion. There are around 50 emotions to choose from on the front page and the matching playlists. Very nice alternative to searching endlessley on Spotify.

Well done, Paypal

January 8, 2011

Received this by e-mail and I thought it was a nice shot. I indeed have some gifts that I could sell. Which I am not going to do out of respect to the people who gave them to me, but still…Some will.

unwanted gifts paypal

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