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Bonus fact: freshly cut legs will do a little dance like that Korean soya sauce squid on the plate, if you put salt on them.

Bonus fact number two: people eat them in France (you probably know that).

Type =rand(200,99) into a Word document and press Enter. The document will extend into 200+ pages with the following text across all pages: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

If you type

Weird, isn’t it?

Located on the island of St. Helena, Jacob’s Ladder is a popular attraction of Jamestown. It is is known to be the world’s longest straight staircase.

It was built in 1829 as a plane for carts to transport goods from the farming areas downtown. It was also used for transportation of manure out of town.
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Looks like I am going to need some help in managing my second blog buzZhunt.co.uk with 100K+ monthly audience. I am currently looking for a student editor to run it. If you know anyone who may be interested, please read this announcement and drop me an e-mail.

On another note, I have created 4 advertising slots, each 125 x 125 pixels. You will notice them in the sidebar. If you are interested in placing your ad there, please e-mail me. There are 3 vacant slots available.

Some time ago, when I was looking for content for my blog, I thought to myself how great it would be to have a website that aggregates popular content by the number of Facebook likes. This could be a major source of trending content, yet it does not exist. There is no service today that lists popular content by the number of Facebook likes. Such service would be very helpful in discovering popular content. I am quite sure it would gain as much audience as Tweetmeme, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg.

At some point, I though of it as a business idea for a startup. Today I discovered I was not alone.

Rock the Post connects business ideas with investors

My idea is already getting traction and financial support on Rock the Post, a business social network where good ideas get financed through crowd funding. In other words, it is an online community of people who pitch their ideas to investors in an open forum. Everyone can read and contribute to the idea either by improving it through comments and feedback or by investing their money, time or expertise in return for equity.

Interesting discovery. I might invest into this project.

Italian airport in Rome (Ciampino) considers it useful to remind their passengers that PC printers may not be used on board the aircraft.

From now on, I will think twice before packing my PC printer into my hand luggage.

I have seen a number of calculators and observed that most of them will turn on only if you hit a dedicated on/off or c/ac button. They won’t turn on if you just hit any random button, which really sucks because when I hit “9”, I want to see “9” on the display and continue my calculation. But this isn’t happening.

If I were an accountant, I would complain. But since I am not an accountant, I am only curious.

Calculators should be made to react on any button. Since most calculators are powered by solar anyway, accidental turn-ons won’t even harm the battery. It’s just a little something that has to be done to keep up with user expectations.

Casio, please take a note. Screw “on” and “off” buttons.

Follow the discussion on Youtube.

What dogs do we like?

Most Popular Dog Breeds - Top 10 [ Infographic ]
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A friend of mine shared this racist rant with me this morning. In this video, a British woman accuses tram passengers of being not British. She doesn’t want black people nor ‘fucking Polish’ in her country because Britain has become ‘nothing’ because of them. She urges these ethnic minorities to ‘go back home’.

Because she touched on such a controversial subject, the video accumulated over 3 million views in just a few days and attracted public attention measured by nearly 100,000 comments on the video – currently accumulating a few per second. The comment section has become a large public forum on immigration issues – a great place to get the latest update on international public opinion on the matter. Anthropologists and social scientists should rush into the comment section to collect data before the video is removed (apparently British police have asked Youtube to remove this video).

The woman has been arrested and is now facing charges for racially aggravated harassment – the outcome which could not be different in a city with over 30 percent of population born overseas.

On a side note, it is interesting to note that this video has been mostly viewed in the UK, North America and Australia where foreign born populations represent significant % from the total.

British woman accuses tram passengers of being not British

In this honest and somewhat funny rant, a Wall Street banker warns Occupy Wall Street protesters that if he loses his job, he will be urged to take theirs. He believes that the banker is more hardworking and smarter than the middle class protester, and therefore the banker will do a better job at the middle class position. Therefore, it is more beneficial for the protesters – who are middle class – to leave the bankers in peace and let them do what they do best, otherwise they endager themselves. Interesting and provocative point of view.

Click to enlarge.

Wall Street banker warns Occupy Wall Street protesters that if he loses his job, he will be urged to take theirs

Thanks, Gustav Enekvist

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