Contrary to what many may think, nothing gets wasted.


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Sleeping with fish

August 15, 2011 · 1 comment

Located 5 meters underwater and surrounded by swarms of exotic fish, this suite with a glass roof will cost you and your partner €1,240 EUR per night. In my humble opinion, it is a great place for a honeymoon.

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Here is good example of sustainable use of nature by people for common good.

For decades, biomedical companies have been collecting blood from horseshoe crabs. The blood is collected form the animals’ hearts. It contains protein in the cells and therefore acts like a primitive immune system, enabling scientists to test vaccines and bacterias that can be fatal to humans. For example, the crabs’ blood coagulates instantly when it touches pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella.

Biomedical companies harvest blood from horseshoe crabs to test vaccines

Once harvested (for approximately 20% of their blood), the crabs are released back into the sea. Estimates of mortality rates following blood harvesting vary from 3% to 15%.

About 500,000 horseshoe crabs are collected annually along the U.S. East Coast under interstate regulations. In a laboratory, blood is drawn from the crab’s primitive equivalent of a heart… The blood’s blue color comes from copper in its oxygen-carrying protein, hemocyanin— akin to the iron-based hemoglobin in humans.

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Beautiful green tunnel

August 13, 2011 · 10 comments

The tunnel is located in Kleven, Ukraine. It’s called the Tunnel of Love.

Beautiful green tunnel in Ukraine

Photo by Oleg Gordienko, original caption by the photographer is Green Mile

In 1958, a 3,400-kg (7,600-pound) hydrogen bomb was lost in the Atlantic ocean. It was carried by a US B-47 bomber when it collided in midair with an F-86 fighter plane. Despite being damaged, the B-47 remained airborne and purposefully jettisoned the bomb into the water to reduce the aircraft weight and prevent the bomb exploding during the emergency landing.

Following a number of unsuccessful searches (latest in 2004), the exact location of the bomb remains unknown. While there is little threat of explosion, if not found, sooner or later the bomb will decompose and release the enriched uranium, which will contaminate the surrounding environment with radiation. The bomb sits somewhere in the waters off Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia, USA.

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This short-sighted 91-year-old man has been posting his letters into a dog poo disposal box for two years. Only when a passer-by tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at his mistake, the man realised what he was doing wrong.

Man posts letters into a dog poo disposal box for two years

The man thought he was posting his letters into a Post Office box.

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This is a sponsored post.

There is a competition by Mazda on Facebook where everyone is invited to participate and win extraordinary prizes. Answer four simple questions to enter the draw. One of the prizes is an aerobatic adventure, which you can see below.

The winner will be taking the controls in an aerobatic flight with the British Aerobatic Champion, Gerald Cooper – ranked seven in the world.

Other prizes include a party trip to Ibiza and a picnic in a hot air balloon.

So true. I thought I was alone in this.

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2.6 % of Brits in the age of 15-64 take cocaine, according to UN Office on Drugs and Crime, as shown on the chart below. The street price of the drug in Britain is £60 per gram. In Norway, to compare, you’d pay more than double this amount (ca. $150).

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L’Oreal has launched an exciting online campaign to promote their men product range. In its core is an expert – aka L’Oreal Men Expert – who offers free advice and tips to anyone who aks him a question on Facebook.

Become a member of this Facebook community by pressing the ‘Like’ button and ask The Expert your question. Watch this video today to learn how to take a perfect Facebook profile picture.
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