Japan’s monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world. It is also the last country in the world that is still formally an empire. The imperial dynasty started with emperor Jimmu in 660 BC and continues today with the current emperor, Akihito. You can find both of these emperors locking the Japanese emperors family tree.

Japanese emperor dynasty has never been interrupted since 660 BC

Japanese passport shows the Imperial Seal on the front cover, the symbol used by the Japanese Imperial family from the early days of the dynasty.

His dad is probably taking him to school. Only in Asia.

In Asia, you study on a moving motorcycle

Under the penalty of 40€, prostitutes working on the highway in Els Alamus, a town in Catalonia, must wear reflective vests for their own safety.

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90% of people slouch over the computer desk, supporting the head with the left hand

Press “Like” if this is how you sit right now.

You would not need anything more than books and fairy lights to make this awesome Christmas tree. The tree is very simple, yet it looks respectful and – I would go as far as saying – “badass”.

It’s original, cheap to make, reusable and tidy.

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What a rhino sounds like

December 19, 2011

You wouldn’t think baby rhinos sound this way.

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Do you have British friends on Facebook? If you do, go check their profiles and expect to see them drunk in 76% of their pictures that were tagged by others.

The British are drunk in 76% of their Facebook photos

According to the Telegraph,

On average, adult users of the social networking website said they were under the influence of alcohol in 76 per cent of the pictures in which they were “tagged”.

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According to Eurostat, the EU’s statistical agency, 24 percent of 16-74 year olds across the 27 countries in the European Union have never accessed the Internet.

100 million Europeans have never gone online

In absolute numbers, it’s almost 100 million people who have never been online. Interestingly, around half the population of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal do not have Internet access at home.

I am very surprised and at the same time happy for these people – they probably have something better to do.

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I have seen people getting spoiled over time, but it looks like more and more people are born this way.

In this social experiment, parents give very simple gifts to children and record their very negative reactions on video. I had a good laugh watching this video, but it also made me sad for the spoiled generation.

I remember how happy I was to receive a sack of clementines as a Christmas gift back in my days…

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