Distribution of chainsaw injuries over the body

November 8, 2011

Something caught my attention in this chart that shows distribution of chainsaw injuries over the body in America in 1999. To my surprise, chainsaw causes significant number of injuries to the head, which I thought was strange. Furthermore, injuries to the head occur more often than injuries to the upper body.

Chainsaw injury chart

So, how does it happen?

Apparently, when the chainsaw touches hard woord, it sometimes bounces back and hits the head, which is what causes the injury.

Therefore, next time you use a chainsaw, consider wearing a helmet.

Chainsaw causes more injuries to the head than the upper body

Chainsaws suffer from an ‘interesting’ property called kickback. Kickback occurs when the front quarter of the chainsaw comes into contact with a tougher-than-average log producing an upward reaction force, it results in the situation illustrated below. You can see how this might be slightly dangerous.

Thanks Danny Ashton via mortonsneuromablog.org

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