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August 11, 2011

This is a sponsored post.

L’Oreal has launched an exciting online campaign to promote their men product range. In its core is an expert – aka L’Oreal Men Expert – who offers free advice and tips to anyone who aks him a question on Facebook.

Become a member of this Facebook community by pressing the ‘Like’ button and ask The Expert your question. Watch this video today to learn how to take a perfect Facebook profile picture.

The Expert has a YouTube channel where he will feature different ‘how to’ videos. Watch this space!

Don’t forget to Ask The Expert your own question and get the answer. It’s real.

Update. Watch a new video tip from The L’Oreal Expert. Learn How to use an iPhone app for shaving:

L’Oreal Men Expert demonstrates how to pick a lock:

L’Oreal Men Expert on how to tie a perfect tie:

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