Woman pregnant for 60 years

July 16, 2011

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We all know it is unusual for a woman to carry a baby for over 9 months. But can you imagine that a woman can carry a baby for 60 years?

In 2009, this Chinese woman – Huang Yijun – gave birth to a fetus she had been carrying for 60 years.

In 1948 she went to her physician who diagnosed her with abdominal pregnancy, a rare condition which occurs when the fetus gets implanted outside the woman’s uterus, in her case – just outside the Fallopian tubes. This condition prevents proper delivery and often kills the baby. Sadly, the fetus died and got trapped in Yijun’s body.

The woman’s body did not absorb the festus nor did it expel it, which rarely happens. The fetus instead became a lithopedion, or “stone baby”, as the woman’s body enveloped it with a layer of calcified salts, shielding the mother from infection.

Unable to afford the festus removal, Yijun had been carrying the stone baby for 60 years until she finally paid for its removal in 2009.

This must have been a very sad life-long experience for the woman.

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