How to create a trip plan using OneNote

May 20, 2011

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I have recently created a plan for my trip to Bangkok in Thailand. To create my TripBook I used a special piece of software from Microsoft called OneNote (2010). The software is a kind of digital notebook that allows you to plan your trip. You can put together all your notes and information you find about the places that you want to see in this digital notebook. The software helps you to build you plan by enabling you to drag and drop any images, text and even videos that you find online into your trip plan. For example, you may want to find the hotel where you will stay online and copy-paste its picture and phone number directly from the hotel’s website into the TripBook together with the link where you found it.

OneNote has online search capabilities, which give you an opportunity to find what you are looking for quickly. You can work together with others on a particular TripBook.

For my Bangkok TripPlan, I found places I want to visit and organized them with the help of OneNote. I went online, found pictures of the city, markets, restaurants and shopping areas and dragged them straight into my TripBook. I was able to circle addresses directly on OneNote pages and place my comments next to the images and text. Now that it is finished, it’s going into printer and my backpack.

Check out my OneNote TripBook, featured by Microsoft. On this website you are also invited to download the software for your personal use. Try the trial version before you get the full edition.

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