Yahoo Email is killing me

March 29, 2011

I am disappointed with Yahoo’s shitty email service. The service which used to be great 10 years ago is complete crap today. Why do I still use it? For me it is nothing but a storage of old communication and a repository for social notifications from numerous forums and social networks where I registered in the past. Why don’t I export all emails to gMail? Well, because Yahoo does not want it. If they facilitate free export of emails to gMail, they will loose the e-mail game. For good. They will loose most users, their data and ad revenue they give. Somehow I think I am not the only one ready to leave.

So there sits my Yahoo account, dusty and full of second-tier emails.

Today, I went to my account to mark all email from the front page as read. This is what happened.

Yahoo Email kills me

Can you imagine? The simple operation of marking all emails read on one page took a minute to complete. This pop-up kidnapped my screen saying I’d need to wait.

Seriously, Yahoo? Is it really the best you can do? The truth is, you should do it instantly. Like your rivals. Take gMail and copy it. This ain’t rocket science.

Improve or let go.

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