You can watch full-length movies on Facebook

March 9, 2011

You can now watch full movies on Facebook. Legally, for a small fee.

Warner Bros are putting their movies on Facebook. They will charge 30 Facebook credits per stream. That is approximately $3. This is a brilliant idea which will inevitably be a success. People will pay this much to watch a good film. It is easier than renting a DVD. It is also a good alternative to a cinema ticket, especially given the movie will stream in HD format. Great.

Success of Warner Bros will attract all competing movie labels on Facebook. People will no longer need to rent DVDs. This will kill DVD business. This will reduce cinema budgets. And, inevitably, boost Facebook audience, revenue and market valuation. As a Facebook user, you can watch the pilot movie already. It is called the Dark Knight (2008).

Go, Facebook, bury DVD. It’s time.

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