Non-profit organisation Actionaid is launching a video campaign against SABMiller – owner of Grolsch’s beer – who is dodging its taxes around the world, by siphoning profits into tax havens.

“They’re the world’s second biggest brewer, making profits of £2 billion, with headquarters just off Park Lane. The taxes they dodge in Africa could put an extra 250,000 children in school there. When big companies dodge their taxes, ordinary people end up paying more. That’s why ActionAid committing itself to schtop tax dodging”. Actioaid

ShowMe.TV is not a regular social community, it has a unique concept based on a video contest community that challenges and rewards its members to compete in regular video-based contests across four categories. In a unique twist, ShowMe.tv also enables members to bet on their favourite contest entry, and rewards the traditionally unremunerated voter with cash prizes if they bet on the winning video.

ShowMe encourages individuals to compete in contests across four key categories; – Sports, Beauty Island – Beauty, Donkey Circus – Pranks and Jam Planet – Music, by uploading short video clips where they can express themselves, sharing their passions and interests with the community. Every month ShowMe.tv launches contests across each category. Contests last for eight weeks and are won by the video entry that receives the most votes.

False bus stops

November 28, 2010

In Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, some nursing homes build false, imitation bus stops for their patients who are suffering from dementia. Some of these bus stops are even fitted with outdated advertisements and timetables – 30 years outdated. The patients will sit at the bus stop waiting for a bus to take them to their imagined destination. After some time the nursing staff comes to escort the clients back to the retirement home.


I think it’s a great idea for a central square fountain in a modern city. Whoever created this picture, nailed it very well.

4th amendment wear” group offers a clever clothing idea to fight TSA full-body scanners without saying a word. The underwear has the 4th amendment of the US Constitution printed with mettalic inc, visible to the scanners and obviously the officer in charge. That’s a clever way to protest without saying a word.

If you have a nice profile picture, you may want to submit if into the Sony contest for the best profile picture on Facebook. By submitting your photo you enter the contest to win a Sony NEX-5 camera and the main prize, which is a trip to Rome for two. There are 5 categories in which you can participate with your photo, including night pictures, outdoor picture and portraits among others.

To participate, simply submit your profile picture into the contest. Read more about the competition and join here.


November 24, 2010

Designed by Ab Rogers in Richmond, the new Pizza Express restaurant is an experiment of modern design in everything, from acoustics to service and food. This is the result of Pizza Express asking their customers how they wanted the place to be. The customers wanted to see in a family-friendly restaurant, they all wanted a decent amount of space to eat and play in (and to park the buggies in), easy ordering and decent, healthy food for the children.

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Just found out today that min.us is a good drag-and-drop alternative to the free image hosting service imgur.com.

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