Now that Hootsuite is no longer free to use, as a blogger you maybe looking for a free alternative solution to automatically post your blog feed into your Twitter account. Twitterfeed works in the same way as Hootsuite, allowing you to broadcast your blog feed into multiple twitter accounts. I had used them before I switched to HootSuite and now I have just switched back again. The service will check your blog feed every 30 minutes (or less frequently, if you prefer) and feed new posts into your Twitter account(s). Good luck.

That’s good news.

This is a view of our solar system. Whenever a new asteroid is discovered, it’s highlighted white, so you can see it. Each new asteroid adds to the existing ones and is tracked in this video. If back in 1980 astronomy scientists saw what awaits them in 2010, they would be surprised, maybe even get a panic attack.

This is by far the most effective way that I have seen to keep birds away from crops.

NASA found new life on Earth

December 2, 2010

New previously unknown form of life has been found on Earth by NASA scientists. The discovery will change how we look for life on other planets and elsewhere on Earth. It has also shed light on a new type of DNA, which – if you are lucky – will make you live forever. Read the article on Gizmodo.

Students of Technical University of Munich no longer need to take stairs or lift down to the ground floor of the building. Instead, they can ride a giant slide.

Students of Munich University use giant slides between floors

All along I thought it was disfunction. That’s all.

Vibra-finger gum massager

November 30, 2010

Maybe back in the 80’s. But not today. Somehow, I feel it would be misused.

If you like yourself too much, demand constant attention from others, watch yourself in the mirror 10 times per day and talk about yourself all the time, you are not sick. At least in America, where the phenomenon of narcissism has been removed from psychiatric disorders. Such a shame.

Size matters, after all.

November 30, 2010

This is the size of the Universe, as compared to quantum foam, quarks, atoms, ants, humans, planets and other objects. Scale it yourself.

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