Stop bitching about your privacy, it’s too late.

November 17, 2010 · 2 comments

I saw this picture today. A satirical explanation of how Facebook’s e-mail service will “help” your privacy.

It might look funny, but seriously, I hope there are no people who believe their privacy is safe to any degree. Because it’s not. There is no such thing as your “privacy” anymore, so long as you have an account on Facebook. Your data is stored by far too many apps and resellers to be safe from third parties. Your pictures, your status updates, your habits, your locations, the meals you eat, the hotels you visit – all this is safely waiting for the buyer. And they are queuing.

To illustrate my point, I want to remind you that last year 32 million user passwords leaked outside Facebook by a mistake of third-party company. On top of this, this year (and long before), Facebook was repeatedly accused of selling personal information to third parties.

This will continue, because your data is the most valuable asset of Facebook. The website has just become a top 3 internet company in the world, valued at $33 billion dollars. Why is a website valued so high? What’s the business model? It’s very simple. The business model is you. Your data, to be exact. It’s obvious. So if you have a slight hope your data will not be misused, forget about it. It will. And don’t complain. You have no choice, really. Even if you leave them and join another sevrice, they too will collect your data.

When it comes to Facebook’s future, I would even go as far as predicting that governments will soon pay Facebook to act as the registry of their populations. Facebook is way better at profiling and tracking people than governments. With over 500 million users and counting, it’t not long before Facebook will profile a few entire continents. Facebook will beat Google, who are after user data as much as ever.

So, seriously, stop bitching about your privacy, it’s too late. Be realistic and enjoy Facebook. Buy shares when they go public. That’s all.

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