You can avoid full-body scans in airports by queuing after pretty girls

November 13, 2010 · 12 comments

You have probably heard that many people protest against full-body airport scanners because the latter invade their privacy. Their doubts are quite legit. This image below, for example, shows how a scanner image looks like after a simple color inversion. It exposes the body completely.

On a positive note, a clever redditor has found a way to avoid full-body scanning by simply queuing after a couple of pretty girls:

Really simple. Stand in line behind the hottest women you can find…they will always get pulled and you get to move to the metal detector. I did this yesterday at PVD. Saw two gorgeous 20yr olds, so I moved into there line. Both of them were complaining to each other that they thought it was strange they always have to go thru them – and like clockwork they got pulled – had to strip down to their tshirts…and went in the machine…since that was busy they directed me without a thought to the metal detectors. I’ve been watching this on FB & thought it was much to do about nothing -I was wrong Reddit & I apologize…this whole TSA thing is complete bullshit.

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