How sleepboxes will dominate public space (some day)

November 7, 2010

A company called Arch Group makes portable boxes for sleeping. The company believes that there are too few facilities for resting and relaxation in modern cities. Therefore, its mission is to make urban space more comfortable for people. Sleepbox is one of the projects of the company. Sleepbox is designed to be placed in train stations, shopping centers, airports and waiting areas. People should be able to relax after long journeys or catch up with sleep in the sleepbox.

I really like the idea, so do others. I hope one day this facility will become as popular and accessible as public toilets. I would even pay 10 pounds to stay in one of those. Would you?

This is how sleepboxes look like. Click on any image to enlarge.

Sleepboxes in the international airport of Beijing.

Interior of the sleepbox.

Way of placement of sleepboxes in waiting area.

Watch the video explaining the concept.

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