To PR agencies: check the price tag, stop begging.

October 28, 2010 · 2 comments

It’s funny how PR agencies still think bloggers will post their ads for free. As a blogger, I regularly receive emails from PR agencies pitching me for free placements. The email is constructed in a way that I should think the agency is doing me a favor by sending their “exclusive” ads. They assume I will be thankful for the tip, drop everything and post their ad. This happens with many other bloggers I know.

Do PR agencies really assume bloggers pick up and post ads for free? Has anyone told them this doesn’t work like that? There is more good content out there than time to post it.

Like in real life, there is no “free lunch” in online media space. This is something PR companies have been failing to learn over the last 5 years when blogging went mainstream. They still treat bloggers as earned media, which is wrong. They even do it in the UK, one the most mature media market in the world. And that is something I learned today.

To all PR agencies: check the price tag, stop begging.

Get over it, guys. Ads rarely create value for the audience, content does. We know it, you know it. Check the price tag, stop begging.

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ben October 29, 2010 at 7:09 pm

excellent post indeed. btw I try to find your contact on this blog but could not… could you drop me a line I might have an offer for you.



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